Month: January 2018

Thirza’s Transport Trials (+Colombia so far)

Thirza’s Transport Trials (+Colombia so far)

It’s been a fair few weeks since my last entry, deep in the Amazonian jungle. I have swapped one jungle for another, but this one lies next to the stunning Caribbean coastline – and the views here leave little to be desired: In those said weeks, I have taken a ferry up the Amazon river … Continue reading Thirza’s Transport Trials (+Colombia so far)


Ayahuasca – the goddess of Psychedelic drugs

It’s the eve of my second Ayahuasca ceremony and the weather has turned apocalyptic; it’s pitch black outside and the rain is conducting a continuous and deafening assault on my cabin, drowning out all the jungle sounds around me. Bursts of lightning illuminate the sky while the occasional thunder clap booms overhead. It makes for … Continue reading Ayahuasca – the goddess of Psychedelic drugs